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Home » Golovkin hopes investigation will ensure clean boxing as Loeffler calls for more Canelo testing

Golovkin hopes investigation will ensure clean boxing as Loeffler calls for more Canelo testing

That’s the position the pair find themselves in though after Canelo tested positive for traces of Clenbuterol in a drugs test conducted under agreed conditions. 

Canelo attempted to nip any allegations of doping in the bud early by admitting the contamination of Mexican meat was to blame, whilst the Nevada State Athletic Commission have already informed WBN an investigation is underway.

The Mexican will still need to be cleared to fight before the May 5 return goes ahead, whilst the WBA and WBC have both thrown their weight behind Canelo’s innocence.

Speaking to Ring Magazine chief Doug Fischer from The Summit Gym this week, Golovkin is keen to continue with the T-Mobile Arena event but wants assurances about Canelo before doing so.

“I don’t want to talk about it much because if it’s positive that it’s a performance-enhancing drug for him, that’s just outrageous,” Golovkin told The Ring Magazine.

“But my hope is that all parties involved will cooperate in the investigation and make more efforts to ensure clean boxing. That’s what I’m for, clean boxing.”

Loeffler added: “The commission is responsible to conduct the investigation and it’s really premature for us to comment on the situation before it’s been concluded, but I don’t think Canelo should wait to address it.

“Canelo should volunteer for as many tests as VADA and the Nevada commission feel is necessary between now and the fight.”

Giving his brief thoughts was Golovkin’s coach Abel Sanchez, who pointed out that Canelo’s team should have been aware of the dangers of ingesting Mexican meat.

“Canelo’s trainer, Chepo Reynoso, used to be a butcher, he was in the meat business, he should know which meats to avoid because of this problem in Mexico,” said Sanchez to Fischer.

Conclusions are already been drawn negatively against Canelo, who has regularly boiled down from a massive starting weight to make 154 pounds in the past.

Now at the middleweight limit, things should be a lot easier for Canelo and point to a definite mistake on his part, rather than the intention to gain any physical advantage.

The NSAC will have the final ruling on whether they’ll allow the match-up to continue, but as long as Canelo agrees to any measures put in place (which he will do so), there’s no real threat of cancellation.

Golovkin v Canelo 2 is worth a hell of a lot of cash in the cold light of day, and as we all know too well – money talks.

But as long as fighter safety is paramount and Canelo remains clean and under more stringent testing conditions, ‘GGG’ won’t have to worry and a fair fight will transpire on Cinco de Mayo.