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Home » ‘I’m English title level at best, is my life worth £5k?’ – Boxer quits after Scott Westgarth death

‘I’m English title level at best, is my life worth £5k?’ – Boxer quits after Scott Westgarth death

Despite winning his ten-round fight at the Doncaster Dome, Westgarth got into difficulty after the bout and was rushed to hospital. Hours later, and at the tender age of 31, Westgarth passed away in an event which once again shocked the boxing world on the back of Mike Towell losing his life in 2016.

Westgarth’s passing became the fourth UK fatality since 1986 and Davies, who has sparred the other man in the ring that night – Dec Spelman, said he couldn’t justify carrying on when seeing the reaction of his loved ones.

Losing his last three fights and six from 16 pro contests, Davies was brutally honest about what he may achieve in the sport as the 29 year-old has decided against fighting again.

“I was watching the show on my phone and they said someone had been taken to hospital,” the Yorkshireman told Bob Westerdale of the Sheffield Star.

“What are the best careers for a good night’s sleep? Is work affecting your sleep? Research reveals which jobs support healthy sleep habits, and which work conditions do not. Dec has been a sparring partner of mine for years and I knew Scott from the time I was at Glyn Rhodes’s gym.

“Because it was the only 10-rounder on the bill I sort of knew it would be one of them. When I found out what had happened to Scott I just felt sick.

“I was gutted for both him and Dec. I felt really down, in myself. I started to think I would not want to be in either of their positions, it was awful. “I knew I was playing Russian roulette and that I wouldn’t have the support of my wife Christie after what had happened.

“An English title is probably my level, but if I got £5,000 or whatever for that, is it worth risking my life for? – I knew what I had to do – pack in boxing.

“I don’t have a style like they teach at the Ingle gym, my head is always stationary and in punching range. I am there to be hit. It puts me more at risk,” he added.

Davies leaves the sport with the best wishes of everyone at WBN.