Joshua v Parker: Wilder, Haye, Fury and Nelson give opinions

Joshua v Parker 06/03/2018

The current IBF, IBO and WBA world champion Anthony Joshua will soon take the first step towards unification of the world heavyweight division when he goes up against the Kiwi boxer Joseph Parker on March 31 in Cardiff, UK.

Parker is the current WBO heavyweight champion and is also putting his belt on the line in this fight.

The winner of this match is expected to face Deontay Wilder, the American boxer, wherein all the four heavyweight boxing titles of the world will be up for grabs.

The fact that both the fighters have the same aspirations of unifying the division and are undefeated till date has sparked a lot of activity in the betting world too. A good number of people are making use of Joshua vs Parker free bets to make the most of their boxing knowledge.

Let’s now tell you what different people’s predictions for the fight look like.

Deontay Wilder

While he has expressed his liking for both Joshua as well as Parker. In his opinion Parker can move swiftly and has the ability to take some solid punches.

He expects the fight to be a long drawn out affair, with Parker constantly trying to stay away from Joshua’s punches. Joshua on the other hand would be keen to make a statement.

Talking to the press Wilder said, “We know Parker can take a punch, but we’ve never seen him take a punch from someone that strong. I think it’s going to be a hell of a fight for as long as it lasts.”

David Haye

David Haye heavily favours Anthony Joshua to win this fight as in his opinion he’s fighting on the home soil and inside a packed arena wherein everyone would be rooting for him.

For Parker it’d be a new experience and it might get a little hard for him.

Although he backs Joshua to score an easy win, he does admit that anything can happen when it comes to the heavyweight division.

Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury feels that Joseph Parker is ambitious, young and has nothing to lose in this fight.

No one is backing him to beat Joshua that day and therefore all the pressure will be on Anthony to deliver the goods.

He feels Parker does have the ability to beat Anthony Joshua if he targets the right areas.

Everyone knows that Joshua’s chin is slightly dodgy, something that was exposed during his fight against Klitschko.

Johnny Nelson

Johnny Nelson, on the other hand, believes that it would be a rather new experience for Joseph Parker than it would be for Anthony Joshua.

Having said that, he emphasized that it would prove to be the second-toughest fight in Joshua’s career.

There’s a good chance that he could get hit and heart, with the fight proving to be an excellent learning curve for both the fighters as they train hard for the likelihood of going up against Deontay Wilder later this year.