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Home » Exclusive: Sprott would lean towards Joyce defeating Chisora

Exclusive: Sprott would lean towards Joyce defeating Chisora

Prior to the pair’s clash going cold, former British champion and ex-Chisora rival Michael Sprott gave his views on the match-up.

“That’s a big step for Joe Joyce and I thought even Ian Lewiston was a big step because he’s just starting out, he could have picked someone a bit less experienced but he dealt with it alright,” Sprott exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Joe Joyce is 32 so time is on his mind and I can understand what David Haye is doing, he’s sticking him in deep waters quite quick.”

After dealing with Ian Lewison and Rudolf Jozic, Joyce has made it not secret he’s looking for a much bigger test.

Chisora, a heavyweight veteran of the sport –  fits the bill should that fight be salvaged between the pair – even further in the future with a title at stake.

Joyce won Olympic silver in 2016 and is now being fast-tracked to titles, although Sprott believes care still needs to be taken with the ‘Juggernaut’.

“The amateur scene is different now,” stated Sprott when asked if he had watched Joyce before turning professional. “I haven’t seen many of his performances, the amateur scene isn’t like it used to be. I saw him in the Olympics and I thought he won the final but sometimes that happens.

“I saw the Ian Lewison fight, that’s all I’ve seen of him so far and he does look good. I think facing Dereck will be a good fight, it depends on what Chisora has got left.

“If he’s got enough he could be a danger really but Joyce could win that. So I suppose I’m leaning towards Joe Joyce really, the size of him he’s a big man…it’s a tough one,” said Sprott.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller