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Home » Exclusive: Michael Sprott backs Sam Sexton to defeat Hughie Fury

Exclusive: Michael Sprott backs Sam Sexton to defeat Hughie Fury

Sprott, who has a long career full of experience in the heavyweight division, spoke to WBN to give his opinion and prediction on upcoming UK heavyweight fights.

Sam Sexton captured the British heavyweight crown back in October and his experience could be a key factor in his fight against Fury, Sprott told WBN:

“I think its quite an interesting fight, they’re both great boxers. It’s a tough one because they’re both boxers. Sam is a bit more experienced than Hughie Fury and has fought a ton of people,” pointed out Sprott.

“Although Fury lost on points to Joseph Parker, it’s his only experience of a big fight to date, but saying that, Parker is more of an experienced fighter than anyone who Sam Sexton has fought.”

Predicting them to both box and play it smart in the fight, Sprott said: “I think it will go to points, I can see it going the distance and I really don’t know who will win, to be honest.

“If Sexton gets the version of how he [Fury] turned up against Parker, he could nick it. It’s a close fight and it depends on that really.”

Sprott also believes Sexton has the drive to win the fight.

“I’m gonna go with Sam Sexton on points, he’s gonna really go for it because it’s its probably his last opportunity really. It was a great sight to see him win the title so I hope he keeps it.”

Fury challenged for Parker’s WBO world title back in September and Sprott, believes it was too soon.

“I think there’s been a lot of hype from the beginning with Fury because on the way up he was doing well and then it went quiet with Hughie Fury.

“He was out for quite a while and coming back he was fighting Parker, I thought ‘Jesus that’s a bit too much’ I thought it was too soon.

“Not too soon for him but too soon that he hadn’t boxed for a while. Fury could have had someone a bit easier and came back into it, but he went and fought Parker and he did alright.

“He’s new to being around someone that causes trouble, I couldn’t have seen it going to points.”

Fury challenges for the British title in May and it’s the right path for him at the moment, says Sprott.

“It’s kind of a backwards step fighting for the British title, well saying that yeah I guess he lost on points and he’s obviously gone back to fight someone with hype in the UK for a title.

“Then he’ll come back from there. I think its good, he’s going back before he can go forward again,” added the former Prizefighter winner.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller