Luis Nery blames nutritionist for weight, eyes another title shot

Luis Nery


Luis Nery has laid some blame on his nutritionist for the Shinsuke Yamanaka fiasco as the Mexican lost his WBC title despite scoring a crushing knockout.

Nery weighed in five pounds over the legal bantamweight limit of 118lbs at the weigh-in and was immediately stripped of his championship.

Yamanaka agreed to go through with the fight after Nery dropped two pounds and also stated he would weigh any more than 128lbs on fight day.

It was all academic in the end as Nery took just two sessions to dispatch of Yamanaka for the second time and vowed to come back stronger.

“I want to thank all my friends and acquaintances. People who really support me and who are with me,” said Nery.

“We all work as a team and train very hard. But for this fight, unfortunately, my body and the treatment my nutritionist gave me did not turn out as we expected. (The weight could not) be lost.

“The belt (is vacant) plus the fight (result) is still standing and I have all the desire (to win it back) I’m hungry.

“Triumph and faith in God that everything will be fine and we will recover the belt in another (division).

“Once again thanks to the people who support me from my heart and I apologize for what happened.”

Since Nery’s statement, the WBC have moved to suspend him pending an investigation, whilst opponent Yamanaka has retired once again.