Hero boxer Michael Valentin, 18, reveals colostomy bag after victory

Michael Valentin

Will Paul

Eighteen-year-old fighter Michael Valentin shocked fans at his latest boxing show by revealing he’s been competing in the ring with a colostomy bag.

Due to his condition, Valentin has been forced to wear the tube connected to his intestine, but little did people know Valentin had been taking blows whilst carrying his secret.

After claiming a fourth career win via majority decision against Demetrius Wilson, Valentin decided to let the crowd into his secret before he undergoes surgery.

valentin bag self

Michael Valentin

“I’m going to take a break after this fight,” said Valentin in an emotional speech after the bout in Lincoln, Rhode Island.

“I know it’s going to hurt me, but, all my life, I dealt with adversity.”

Pulling out the pouch, the fighter added: “I always fought with a colostomy bag. And for everybody who thinks I’m lying, look at me right now. I got a colostomy bag.

“I’m a f***ing fighter. I fight for anything. After this fight, I’ll be going on to surgery. I’ll be out for about eight months, nine months to recover, but I’ll be back.

“I’m going to recover. I’ll be strong, and I’ll give it to anybody. I’m a f***ing warrior,” he stated.

Turning pro in June of last year, Valentin scored a first-round stoppage before following it up with a pair of four-round points triumphs.