Exclusive: Liam Williams reveals Liam Smith/Frank Warren title trilogy promise, talks Sadam Ali

Thomas Davison 02/03/2018

Liam Williams is targeting a trilogy fight with Liam Smith and hopes this time a world title will be on the line.

Williams and Smith recently had two very entertaining and close fights.

In the first fight, Williams suffered a nasty cut which appeared to be caused by the head of Smith and resulted in the Welshman having to withdraw from the bout.

Most onlookers had Williams up on the scorecards when he was withdrawn from the fight by his corner due to the cut.

The second fight was also a closer affair, with Smith eeking out a majority decision victory.

Discussing his fights with Smith, Williams exclusively told World Boxing News: “The second was very close I thought it could of went either way but I won’t grumble at the decision.

“if I had took the win I would expect him to maybe have a little whinge about it, it’s the way it is, we both thought it was close you know.

“I genuinely wish him all the best I want him to win another world title because Frank and Liam have told me that as long as he wins the title he will come back and give me another shot.”

Smith is mandatory challenger for his old WBO belt, which he dropped in a loss to Canelo Alvarez in Texas and his promoter, Frank Warren recently said a deal was close to fight current champion Sadam Ali.

Ali won the vacant WBO belt against Puerto Rican legend, Miguel Cotto in his last fight win, lose or draw but Ali sprung the upset.

Discussing Smiths chances of defeating Ali, Williams said: “Yes quite possibly.

“Sadam Ali is a quality fighter he beat Cotto but let’s not forget Cotto was getting on a bit and it was gonna be his last fight anyway and he had torn his bicep which obviously is a nasty injury.

“Let’s not take anything away from Ali he won in a good fight and did what he needed to do – happy days but I think Smith gives him a hard fight and possibly beats him in a good fight,” Williams predicted.

Williams has nothing but respect for Smith after sharing over 20 rounds with the Liverpudlian. Williams will have his fingers crossed that Smith does come out on top against Ali, which could set up a lucrative trilogy fight.

On his chances in a third fight, Williams said: “Yes definitely, I believe in myself and I definitely believe I’m on that world level.

“I definitely fancy that third fight, if he does give me the shot then all respect to him, he’s tough and a proper fighting man is Smith,” he concluded.

Thomas Davison is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Thomas on Twitter @thomasdavison93