SHOCKER: Victor Conte says ‘absolutely’ big names could be using PED’s

Sirius XM 01/03/2018
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In a recent episode of Sirius XM’s Boxing Radio Show, controversial drug testing figure Victor Conte was asked his views on whether the very best boxers in the world could be doping.

Conte, who has been attempting to rebuild his reputation after spending time in prison for allegedly distributing steroids in professional sports, responded to a question posed by Randy Gordon, who asked the following question:

So you’re not saying that a GGG, Canelo or Money Mayweather are actually doing this (referring to cheating) but there’s the possibility that because they have fights planned so far in advance that they could be?

Victor’s answer was: Absolutely. These things can be out of your system sometimes in weeks, some of them in hours, some of them in days.


“They can clear … if you know what you’re doing. That’s why it has to be random. And they have to be able to come anytime. But you should not be allowed, as a boxer, promoter or whoever is in control of the money to be able to turn the spicket on and turn it off and have a preset timeframe where you can duck and dodge and work around it. And that’s exactly what’s happening.

“So they try to promote “Oh we’ve got a clean sport in boxing.” I can tell you – the WBC program, clean boxing, and the WBA is talking about doing this …

“Here’s the reality: Maybe they’ve got everybody 10-15 deep in every weight division – bottom line is (and yes they do give a whereabouts form of where they’re gonna be a given hour of day or morning each day of the week) – the reality is only 10% of them are actually being tested. What about the other 90%?

“So it sounds good, and they select guys maybe with some bigger names once in a while to show that they’re doing this, but what happens if there’s a missed test? Show me where the rule is. This is a big loophole in Olympic-caliber [testing].


“You can have three missed tests and the third one is gonna be the same as a positive test. And you can miss twice and this is not transparent.

“They don’t tell people “By the way Usain Bolt missed a test, now he missed another test.”

“Imagine this: It’s like a speeding ticket on your driving record. And you can have two tickets, or two missed tests, where you’re not there where you say you’re gonna be in a given 12-month period. As soon as the oldest one gets longer than year old, it drops off just like a speeding ticket on your driving record so that your insurance goes back down.

“So what do these guys do if they get two missed tests? They just wait til the oldest one drops off. Now they can take another strike – just like you get three strikes in baseball,” he added.

Listen to the full episode of the Sirius XM Show here