Joshua shows class, tells Parker’s mother ‘not to worry’

All the ill feelings and trash talk that had happened during the negotiations’ phase of the Joshua v Parker fight seemed like a thing of the distant past when the first joint press conference (of both the teams) happened in London recently.

There seemed hardly any bad blood when the fighters met at the Dorchester Hotel lately, and both expressed healthy respect for their opponents’ achievements, as they continue preparations for the keenly awaited fight on March 31 this year. It’s worth noting that the fight is garnering a lot of attention in the boxing betting world too. If you too plan to punt on this match, you must definitely take advantage of these Joshua v Parker betting tips to increase your winning chances.

The only exchange that can be considered closest to being heated in some way was between the rival promoters David Higgins and Eddie Hearn, who traded some well-mannered barbs, attempting to hype up the event in front of a huge media contingent.

It was a surprisingly cordial atmosphere overall, topped up by the two unbeaten fighters shaking hands, post the conventional stare down. It came as a surprise indeed as Anthony Joshua had earlier vowed to not shake the Kiwi boxer’s hand after the latter had passed comments about his robotic fighting style and glass jaw in the past few months.

Both the fighters are now engaged in thorough preparations and training for the Cardiff bout.

Joshua’s comforting words for Parker’s mother!

However, Joshua’s sportsmanship spirit didn’t just end there. After the Brit boxer learnt that Parker’s mom, Sala recently spoke about her fears (in an interview) about her son taking on the muscular Joshua in the boxing ring, he had some words of comfort for the worried mother.

Talking to the press Joshua said, “I’ll put Parker in my prayers that he leaves the ring in good health, and he goes back to New Zealand and his family in good health, so that’s the least I can do for his family”. He further stated, “A mother’s love is unconditional so I respect that. But we’ve both got a job to do and we both want to be victorious, so tell his mum not to worry – I hope he leaves the ring in safe condition.”

Sala had earlier expressed her concerns stating that she found Anthony Joshua’s muscular image very scary and was nervous thinking about her son fighting him in the ring. She has all the right reasons to fear the 28-year-old Englishman as he has beaten all his 20 opponents through knockouts, which is the highest knockout percentage for any of the boxing world champion so far.

Joseph Parker on the other hand said that he had had a word with his mom before a formal meeting with Anthony Joshua and comforted her saying that he would come out of the fight unscathed. However, knowing how all mothers worry about their children, his words are unlikely to put her mind at ease!