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Home » Canelo: I felt GGG’s power, it’s not out of this world!

Canelo: I felt GGG’s power, it’s not out of this world!

Canelo vs. GGG 2 is promoted by Oscar De La Hoya, Golden Boy Promotions, and will be produced and distributed live by HBO Pay Per View, starting at 8:00 p.m. ET / 5: 00 p.m. PT.

Golovkin and Canelo, who were accompanied by their trainers and promoters, participated in the first promotional conference of their rematch, in the “Microsoft Square at L.A. LIVE “from Los Angeles.

To the strident yet melodic rhythm of a traditional mariachi band, Canelo said he was convinced that on this occasion he definitely won’t leave the decision to the judges, as happened last September when a draw was declared.

Canelo says this time around, he’ll be risking even more in order to become the new world champion in middleweight division, explaining: “Golovkin is a rival who applies a lot of pressure, and I am a counter attacker, he always uses the jab to advance, then his powerful right. I know that when his jab comes he immediately follows up with the right hand, so I’ve figured out how to avoid that combination from him.”

Regarding the vaunted GGG power, Canelo said: “Yes, you can feel his power, but not as it’s reputed. I don’t consider that his power is out of this world!”

Gennady made it clear that his style is well defined and he would not have to change it.

“The one who is going to have to make adjustments is ‘Canelo.’ My style has led me to win the titles that I currently hold and to defend them several times, I am sure I will be able to beat him!”

Both fighters were accompanied by their respective teams, Canelo by Eddy and Chepo Reynoso, while Golovkin by Abel Sánchez.

Tickets for Canelo vs. GGG 2 are already on sale and have a price of $ 5000, $ 2500, $ 2000, $ 1500, $ 800, $ 700, $ 500, and $ 300 dollars and they can be purchased at or