Louis Darlin ready to resume career, re-signs with Steve Goodwin

Darlin was undefeated in three contests in 2015 but due to personal issues had to take a break from the sport.

Now working closely with Mark Murray Osborne, Louis is aiming to take the bull by the horns and get back into the sport with a bang.

“I am hungrier than ever after taking a break and know that I am destined to win major titles. I am setting the British title as my minimum target and I have total faith in my manager to deliver all the opportunities for me. I know I have to keep active and keep winning and that is what I propose to do.”

Steve Goodwin is aiming to get Darlin back in the ring May/June time. “It is down to Louis” Steve said “He seems really determined and has a new focus and all I can say if he keeps winning I will deliver him the opportunities.”