Women’s world title challenger knocking men down in sparring

Madsen, who has guided the 24 year-old to WBC Youth and European titles, says Thorslund has had the perfect preparation ahead of next week’s championship contest, and reveals she has even been knocking men down in sparring.

How have preparations been going for Dina’s World title challenge?

“Preparations have been going really well. Dina has been in training for this fight since November, so her shape and conditioning are exactly where they should be.”

How would you compare her current fitness to previous fight?

“Her physical fitness is better than ever. She has had longer to prepare for this fight, and we will see the benefit of this in the ring next Saturday.”

How has her sparring gone so far?

“Dina has already sparred over 60 rounds. We’ve had a top Swedish amateur girl over for some days and she has also been sparring some of the Danish amateur senior boxers. It’s been going very good. She has even been knocking some of the men down in sparring, and it’s not the first time she’s sent her male sparring partners to the floor!”

What do you think of Dina’s opponent Alicia Ashley?

“Alicia Ashley is a very well-trained and technically astute boxer, who appears to be in great shape.”

What do you believe are her greatest strengths and weaknesses?

“Her strength is clearly her technique and ability to slip punches. Her weakness, among other things, is that she is incredibly open when she attacks herself.”

What will be Dina’s key to victory in this fight?

“Dina must put pressure on Ashley from the outset. She must also avoid chasing Ashley and instead focus on cutting off the ring.”

Are you confident this is a fight Dina will win?

“I don’t see this fight as a forgone conclusion, but I am pretty sure Dina’s physicality will prove too fierce for Ashley.”

Dina fights for the World title in her hometown, what has been the reaction of the people of Struer?

“All the people in the city are really looking forward to it. It is a big event for the city. Everyone is excited and she will get a huge backing!”

How important is this support for Dina?

“Their support will be extremely important. This fight can be very close, so the fans can make all the difference, and we know that the people in Struer do no sit with Danish water and clap – they drink beers and shout!”

Dina Thorslund challenges Alicia Ashley for the WBC Female World Super Bantamweight title on March 10 at the Struer Energi Park. Dennis Ceylan begins his road to redemption against Jesus Sanchez on the undercard while rising Danish stars Mikkel Nielsen, Frederik Hede Jensen, Adam Bashanov, Kem Ljungquist and Haris Dzindo return to action.