Tyan Booth banned, blasted by fellow boxers for sick Scott Westgarth, Gerald McClellan tweets

WBN 27/02/2018

Tyan Booth has had his licence quickly revoked by the Britsh Boxing Board of Control for several severely shocking tweets, including mocking life-changing injuries suffered by Gerald McClellan and the recent tragic death of Scott Westgarth.

Booth, who hadn’t won a fight for nine years until an underdog victory over Marcus Morrison last year, is known for his repeated attempts to offend on social media.

The Nottingham super-middleweight sent out sickening posts regarding McClellan, who has never been the same since his brutal battle with Nigel Benn in 1995, before referencing Westgarth, who died following his fight with Dec Spelman on Saturday night.

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A mass of fellow professionals have called for Booth to apologize – for want of a better word, with coach Ingle also confirming he urged the tweets to be deleted (still posted as of seven hours later 16:41 GMT).

“The inappropriate comments tweeted recently by Tyan Booth will be dealt with by the Ingle Gym and BBBofC. He has been asked to remove them,” he said.

Booth’s posts include the following:

Some people would enjoy it if I got killed in a boxing ring like Scott Westgarth

To those complaining about my tweet about the boxer who got killed recently, I’m boxing myself in 2 weeks and I’ve spent the past 3 months drinking cider and not training properly so there’s a gud chance I’ll end up in a wheelchair like Gerald McClellan, so tune in #MANDOWN

Joe Gallagher needs to focus on teaching his boxers to move their heads, instead of having sex with animals

I watched a and Gerald McClellan documentary once and it said Gerald McClellan used to tie up weak dogs, so his pit bulls cud destroy them. If he did do that, I’m glad he’s deaf, dumb, blind, retarded and in a wheelchair.

Thanks for that. It’s all about selling tickets these days, over talent. It’s a business. Maybe I should say in an interview that I’ve got a nine-inch penis, like Prince Patel did, resulting in him getting signed up by

Recently conducting interviews for IFL TV until the channel distanced themselves from Booth, the 34 year-old has been suspended by the BBBofC ahead of a scheduled fight in two weeks.

Many pros, including Anthony Upton Jr. and the now-retired Jerome Wilson, who himself was nearly killed in the ring, have since expressed their displeasure at Booth.