Emiliano Marsili claims victory in ‘WBC Peace’ fight, remains unbeaten

RINGSIDE 27/02/2018


At Palazzetto dello Sport in Rome, Italy, in a card organized by OPI 82, Salvatore Cherchi, in association with the Italian Boxing Federation and the support of the Minister of Sports of Italy, still undefeated Emiliano Marsili (36-0-1, 15 KOs) won a seven-round technical decision victory over rugged Mexican Victor Betancourt (22-2, 10 KOs), gaining the ‘WBC Peace championship’ in the lightweight division.

Marsili boxed relaxed and on his toes in the first round, dictating the tempo. The bigger, taller Mexican appears slow and struggled to land, but an accidental clash of heads opened a cut on Marsili’s left eyebrow.

According to the WBC rules, Referee Massimo Barrovecchio deducted a point from Victor, who consequentially lost the opening stanza by two points. Marsili maneuvering out of his southpaw stance took Betancourt off balance moving to his right.

The Mexican connected with a few wide hooks in round two, but the former European champion absorbed them easily. Betancourt was a rough on the inside.

Both rabbit punched each other in round three, with the fight becoming heated. Betancourt managed to back Marsili in a neutral corner and the two wildly traded punches, the Italian quicker from the inside and the Mexican wider but slower.

Marsili jabbed in round four and stayed away using his footwork, but Betancourt was dangerous at short range. The Referee warned the Mexican not to shove and be careful about his head. The WBC open scoring confirmed that Marsili was ahead after four rounds. Both men landed clearly in round seven, Marsili with short straight lefts, Betancourt savagely with hooks.

Following Marsili’s cut the Referee called time for him to be checked by the ringside physician who considered the wound too dangerous to continue. The bout went to the scorecards, which were 69-64, 68-64 and 70-62, all in favor of Marsili.

This fight was part of the Sports Program of the Pontifical Scholas Ocurrentes Foundation “BOXVAL – BOXING WITH VALUES,” possessing an important bi-lateral link. Italy and Mexico were dramatically affected by strong earthquakes during 2016 and 2017. The Fight for Peace unites the countries even more, as well as to remember as well as to honor the victims of these terrible events, and the collected profits will be donated.