Promoter questions role in boxing as Woodhouse quotes Eubank’s ‘mug’s game’ after Westgarth death

WBN 26/02/2018

Stefy Bull is considering his next move after Scott Westgarth died at one of his promoted shows in Doncaster.

Clearly devastated and struggling to come to terms with transpired on Saturday night, Bull has tweeted several times to reveal his anguish.

“So much bull****, so many two faces, so many egos,  so many yes men and for what? It’s brutal in a ring and it’s as brutal outside,” said Bull.

“(There’s) no loyalty, no love, not enough concern and when it comes down to it no-one really cares. Writers get their story, licence holders get paid (but) there’s more to life than this.”

Continuing further upon hearing the tragic news of Westgarth’s passing at the tender age of 31, Bull added: “God bless Scott Westgarth. To promote a boxing show and (have) a young man doing a job he loves losing his life I have no words.

“RIP lad. Thoughts go out to your family and your team. It’s been the hardest few days I’ve had to endure (and I’ve) no idea what to do moving forward.”

Dec Spelman, who opposed Westgarth and lost on point through ten brutal rounds, outlined his own pain in dealing with the situation.

“Absolutely heartbroken and lost for words. I’ll continue to pray for Scott’s family and the people close to him, rest easy my friend.”

Curtis Woodhouse, who was due to headline the event, offered his condolences to the family.

The ex-footballer had lost five stone to compete in a Commonwealth title eliminator against John Wayne Hibbert but hopes to rearrange at some point soon.

Quoting Chris Eubank’s old saying about boxing being ‘a mug’s game’, Woodhouse said the legendary Brit was correct in his assessment of the sport.

“Sometimes you have to wonder what the hell we are all doing and if it’s all worth it,” he quizzed.

“When you weigh it all up you are crazy to take part in boxing. Chris Eubank called it a mug’s game years ago and got slaughtered for it.

“Chris was bang on the money, it’s a mug’s game,” added Woodhouse.