Woodhouse v Hibbert cancelled on the night as Scott Westgarth is rushed to hospital

Despite winning his contest against Dec Spelman through ten brutal rounds, Westgarth seemed odd in his post-fight interview and it was soon realised something was wrong.

Both men had touched the canvas before Westgarth claimed a 95-92 victory and shortly afterward took a turn for the worst.

Westgarth was rushed to hospital from Doncaster Done in a bad way and is said to be in a life-threatening condition, according to promoter Stefy Bull.

Feeling ‘physically sick’ as he updated fans on the tragic events, Bull stated he was ‘heartbroken’ at the situation Westgarth found himself in.

“Absolutely heartbroken tonight, 30 years in boxing and it’s hit home how serious this so-called sport is,” said Bull.

“I feel physically sick. I’ve got everything crossed that Scott Westgarth is ok. If people actually realised what goes on behind the scenes (and how) brutal this game (is.)

Obviously there was slight disappointment from fans after headliner Woodhouse lost five stone to compete against Hibbert but a fighter’s health is paramount and that was rightly recognised on the night.

Woodhouse was more concerned about Westgarth when giving his thoughts on the cancellation.

“Prayers are with Scott Westgarth this evening. Sometimes with all the hype around boxing you forget how dangerous this sport is.

“My fight with John Wayne Hibbert is irrelevant and means nothing compared to life. Fingers crossed Scott is ok,” said Woodhouse.

Promoter-turned manager Carl Greaves revealed the severity of Westgarth’s plight with his comments on a sad ending to the evening.

“Tonight has really made me think about boxing and puts things into perspective. I’m praying Scott Westgarth pulls through this,” said Greaves.