Watch: Former heavyweight champ James ‘Buster’ Douglas follows old foe Mike Tyson with movie role

Buster Douglas Mike Tyson

Don King Productions

If you wondered what former undisputed world heavyweight boxing champion James ‘Buster’ Douglas was up to these days, look no further.

Producer Artie Knapp wants the boxing world to take note of a movie part Douglas portrayed with a starring role in ‘From Gettysburg to Baghdad’ released last year.

In the movie, a time-machine intersects the lives of two soldiers from different periods in history, whilst Douglas plays the priest as pictured above.

Knapp was happy with the end product from Douglas, who follows former opponent Mike Tyson in making the transition to the big screen.

“Buster did a great job,” Knapp told World Boxing News. “I thought this would be a nice way of letting your readers know what Buster is up to these days.

“Working with Buster was awesome. He’s such a class act and a great guy,” he added.

Douglas, 57, is joined by Christine Jones, Patrick Taft and Donald Smith for the film, which represents a breakthrough for the American after flirting with TV in the past.

Famous for being the first man to defeat the invincible Mike Tyson in 1990, Douglas retired from the sport in 1999 with a record of 38-6-1.  

Watch the video courtesy of Artie Knapp