EXCLUSIVE: Adam Booth my only choice, says Michael Conlan

Jacob Kilbride 24/02/2018

Michael Conlan has stated that he didn’t consider a move to any other trainer in the UK and that he was always going join up with Adam Booth.

Conlan (5-0) decided to leave Manny Robles’ Rock Gym to move back the UK for logistical reasons as his fiancée Shaunna is expecting a second child later this year.

The accomplished amateur insisted that once he decided on a move back home it was Booth he saw as the only coach he wanted to work under.

“My fiancée is expecting another baby and with me being in LA since last January, which is halfway around the world (from Belfast), so it was a full year (away),” Conlan explained exclusively to World Boxing News.

“It’s quite tough when you have nobody else to help you out and no other family members around because I’m in my training camp for the whole time.”

“We made it for logistical reasons and I feel that it was a smart decision. I always said that if I was going to go anywhere in the world or back to the UK, the only coach that I would want to train with is Adam Booth.”

“If I had of started my boxing in my professional career in the UK, he would have been the coach that I would have wanted to train with. The only question was if he wanted to train me. Fortunately, enough he did.”

Conlan, who won World, European and Commonwealth gold medals as an amateur, joins the likes of bantamweight world champion Ryan Burnett and young prospect Josh Kelly in Booth’s gym.

“It’s fantastic in Adam’s gym. The lads are great craic, obviously both (Burnett and Kelly) are very, very talented and you can see that when you train with them,” continued Conlan.

“Even though we’re all around the same age, I still feel like I can learn a lot from other fighters and the style of boxing that these guys have is very, very nice to watch.”

“Obviously, I’ll always be looking to pick up little things that may suit my game. Watching the little things that they do is always beneficial to other guys.”

The Northern Irishman believes he’s quickly formed a close relationship with the other fighters in Booth’s gym, something that he admitted he lacked whilst training out in LA.

Conlan added: “In LA, I was great mates with all the guys in the gym but it was never really a friendship where we were going to call each other and go out for a coffee with you after you’ve done your gym work.”

“I think having that team bond is important in a gym. With these guys, I do feel like that and I do feel a great bond with them. Already after a few weeks now, it’s a great relationship with the other guys in the gym and I do feel comfortable and at home.”

Jacob Kilbride is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @jacob_kilbride