Deontay Wilder discusses reality TV role on ‘WAGS Atlanta’

Wilder v Ortiz 23/02/2018

E! Entertainment - WAGS Atlanta

Current WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is more recognizable than ever these days after beginning a stint on ‘WAGS Atlanta’ recently.

The E! Entertainment show debuted it’s Season 1 in January this year, following the lives of nine wives and girlfriends of famous sports personnel.

Wilder’s fiance Shuntel “Telli” Swift is one of the stars, meaning ‘The Bronze Bomber’ appears on the small screen on more than one occasion during the series.

Discussing his role on the show, Wilder says not only his fans but people who don’t follow boxing get to see what he’s all about.

“I think it’s very important. People need to know who the heavyweight champion of the world is,” said Wilder.

“America got a bad man, an ass-whooper, right in America. I think it’s important and people should understand and should know who that is.

“That’s why I do the things I do. That’s why I’m so competitive. That’s why I speak the way I speak.

“Sometimes it may annoy people, it may get on people’s nerves and I never hear it in front of my face, but I understand it.

“I do it (appear on WAGS Atlanta) to show people that I’m going to speak it and you’re going to see me deliver it.

“I think you get the most respect when you say something you’re going to do and you do it.

“Look at Ali, people hated him. They say he was a big mouth who ran his mouth too much but he proved himself many times and that’s that thing I want to do.

“I want to speak what I say I’m going to do and you watch me work,” he added.

Prominent storylines see Deontay and ‘Telli’ put their life together in the public eye, from making important relationship decisions to announcing their pregnancy.

As the show continues it’s run on the back of shooting being completed last year, Wilder is now training for his next world title defense against Luis Ortiz on March 3.

In possession of an awesome 39-0 record with 38 KO’s, Wilder is hoping to set up a massive undisputed showdown with Anthony Joshua in 2018.