Exclusive: Jordan Dennis reveals future title fighting weight, talks Groves v Eubank Jr.

Chandler Waller 23/02/2018

Goodwin Boxing

Jordan Dennis has revealed what weight class he’ll eventually be competing at along with giving WBN his review of last weekend’s action.

Making his fourth appearance as a professional tomorrow night, Dennis has made an impressive start to his career, most recently outpointing Darren Snow in a fight he had to put on weight for.

Speaking regarding his situation, Dennis cleared up his actual fighting poundage.

“They’ve got me down as light heavy but that’s only because of my last fight but I actually had to put on weight because my opponent pulled out,” Dennis exclusively told World Boxing News. 

“When it comes to championships I’ll actually be competing at light middleweight (11st/154lbs),” he added.

Even with the added weight, Dennis showed his power and boxing ability to bring down Snow in the third round. His ring control and combinations were a key factor to his performance on the night; preparing him for eventual titles in the future.

“My next fight, which has an on the day weigh-in, is scheduled for 11 stone 13 and as I progress and obviously fight frequently. But when it comes to championships and day before weigh-ins, I’ll be making 11st and that’s what I’ll be competing at.”

“I’ll also be a big light middleweight when I eventually get there. I’m not small physically. I’m not as tall as the Charlo brothers (world champions at 154) as I think they’re about six foot and they’ve got about an inch or two on me. I’m 5’10 but I’ll be a good size middleweight, I’m thicker set than the Charlo brothers.”

“They’re (the Charlo twins) good and obviously that’s world level. I will get there eventually that’s the plan but each step as it comes. Obviously area is a goal and Matt McCarthy has the Southern belt. Then there’s Ted Cheeseman whose got the English, so eventually maybe chasing those fights. We’ll just see what happens,” he said.

The WBSS semi final between George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr. was a massive talking point last Saturday, and like the rest of us, Dennis was an avid viewer.

“It’s a good weight category and obviously the talk of WBSS, I think that’s great for boxing, it’s been the best fighting the best so its been good.

“I watched the main even and I thought Groves would beat Eubank before the fight. I was one of those who thought Groves had a good chance of stopping the fight before the end, but obviously his strength did show and Eubank definitely has got a chin.”

Although deemed a 50/50 fight by many experts pre-fight, Dennis revealed to WBN that it didn’t surprise him:

“He just answered what I already knew, I saw it first hand with Chris Eubank Jr. He’s a hard trainer and I’ve seen my brother spar him so I wasn’t too surprised. Hats off to both of them to be honest,” stated Dennis.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller