‘Isn’t that what I just did?’ Deontay Wilder mystified by Mike Tyson encouragement for Tyson Fury

Whilst reigning WBC champion Deontay Wilder claimed he’d run over him like a steam train, ex-king Tyson Fury claimed ‘Iron Mike’ would probably have knocked him out in the first round.

Fury’s comments earned encouragement and praise from Tyson, whilst the boxer-turned-actor criticised Wilder and was joined by British greats Lennox Lewis and Frank Bruno.

This is where Wilder became confused…as Tyson was telling Fury to ‘have more confidence’ – which ‘The Bronze Bomber’ obviously displayed with his prediction – only to be met with opposition.

“These past champions, what they should be doing is motivating the up-and-coming guys,” Wilder told CBS Sports.. “They don’t need to motivate me because I’m self-motivated. They don’t need to give me convincing. But these other guys coming up, they should start a trend.

“Tyson Fury, he did the opposite of me and said (Mike) Tyson would beat him as he came out and said, ‘Man, you need to have confidence’.

“What? Isn’t that what I just did? But I got criticised. It don’t make no sense, but it’s because it’s me, which is OK,” he added.

There’s no doubting Wilder’s comment make for a hot debate, although having that sense of self worth is what everyone in possession of a top divsion belt is required to display at all times.

Was is being disrespectful or was is just an opinion? Only Wilder can answer that…but it seems his rumble with the old greats is far from over as the undefeated star heads into the latest defense of his coveted green belt against Luis Ortiz on March 3.