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Home » Chris Eubank Jr. admits size difference played role in George Groves loss

Chris Eubank Jr. admits size difference played role in George Groves loss

The 28 year-old, who moved up in February 2017, still hasn’t filled out at the weight and lost to a bigger, stronger – almost light-heavyweight in George Groves.

Despite matching the WBA champion for the twelve rounds and having him in trouble over the final two sessions, Eubank takes time to reflect before deciding whether to drop the eight pounds for his next fight.

“It’s a good experience, and I will learn from it. In a defeat, there are things you should look to change,” said Eubank Jr.


“When you are fighting a man who is a stone heavier than you, you feel it. I’m going to take whatever route I can to win a world title. There are some great fights down at middleweight — it depends what one I get first.

“Did size come into it? Yes, a little bit. I was getting a lot of success inside. He caught me with a few jabs here, and I guess that was enough to win a few rounds.

“In the later rounds, I was hurting him with a lot of shots. I thought I did enough in the later rounds to nick it, but George had a good game plan,” he added.

Father Chris Sr. gave his views by saying: “He didn’t perform. He’s a lot better than what you saw because he was loading up. He didn’t close him down. No combinations, just power, but that’s okay. He will live and learn.

“George fought the right fight, staying off, feinting, and when he came in, he held. It was perfect tactics.”


The consensus in summing up the contest should give Eubank Jr. more optimism than not after the Brighton man proved he belongs in the world-class company and has plenty left to offer the sport moving forward.