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Home » ‘I’ll beat Danny Garcia and give you all the finger!’ – Brandon Rios fires back at criticism

‘I’ll beat Danny Garcia and give you all the finger!’ – Brandon Rios fires back at criticism

Since moving up in weight to 147 pounds in 2013, Rios has lost two of his five bouts and looked drained and gaunt despite moving up a total of three weight classes since making his debut at 130.

Some media have stated it may be time for Rios to step away from the sport after 38 bouts and some hard slogs in the ring, although ‘Bam Bam’ is adamant he can still be a force.

“I don’t care what the critics say because at the end of the day that’s what they are, just critics. It’s all good. I can tell you right now I’m in shape. I’m on weight,” said Rios.

“Everyone knows the way I fight. Going all out is my style. I’ll walk through brick walls to get the victory. Everyone will see on Saturday night the new and improved Bam Bam.

“Think about why I looked like [crap] after my last fight. I’ve been through wars after wars and wars in my previous fights, and that takes a toll on your body.

“It happens. And I realized it and I took a step back and I wasn’t doing it right with dieting and training. I was doing it with heart and balls.

“Now I feel rejuvenated and fresh. So you will see the new and improved Brandon. I feel young and not war-shot, or whatever you guys want to call it.

“I want to go out there and prove everyone wrong. I’m going to prove every one of you wrong.

“There’s going to be a smile on my face when I win this fight and I will put up my middle finger to all of you.”

On facing Danny Garcia in a must-win world title eliminator this Saturday, Rios added: “Danny’s a strong fighter and he has power in both hands. He’s a great counter-puncher.

“One thing I like is he doesn’t move or run, he likes to bang it out, and that suits my style better.

“But if he does run, we’ll be ready for that too. I sparred with young guys, so I’m ready.

“Thanks to all of you guys for calling me out, and calling me a cherry, or whatever. I love it. It’s all good. That’s the chip on my shoulder I got.

“I’m not a cherry, I might be a wild berry, but I’m not a cherry.” he added.