EXCLUSIVE: Coach McGuigan blasts Eubank Sr’s ‘disgusting’ Fury tweet, calls for fine or corner ban

Joe Hewlett 16/02/2018


Shane McGuigan is the latest to condemn Chris Eubank following recent comments made on social media.

English stated his concern for Groves ahead of his clash with Eubank Jr Senior referred back to a video of an emotional Tyson Fury as he is seen praying for Nick Blackwell.

McGuigan slammed the former boxing legend and has called the BBBofC to take action.

“It’s Disgusting. George called it classless, I feel like it’s disgusting,” he exclusively told World Boxing News.

“Since George put an interview up about him being classless and his comments about the referee, he then goes and tweets to Tyson Fury to say how upset and distraught Fury was. It’s just disgusting. Something really has to be done about it.

“The BBBoC can say it’s just him being him but no, if I was to say that I’d be punished – I’d be fined. He deserves a fine and possibly not even being allowed to go into the corner, he’s trying to sway the referees, the judges and is coming back and looking distasteful.”

During the build-up of the domestic dust-up between Groves and Jr, Team Eubank have referred to the trainer as a PE teacher.

However, having led two fighters to world glory at the age of just 29, his accomplishments suggest otherwise. But despite McGuigan being highly widely regarded as one of the best trainers in the UK, the Irishman admits he is only ever focused on learning and improving each day.

“With Groves, it’s my second legitimate world champion. For myself, I’ve been on a journey. I worked with Frampton for eight years and have since worked with David (Haye), George and am currently developing one of the best talents in British boxing right now in Josh Taylor.

“You’re learning something new every day. When you’re somebody like Senior and you don’t listen to anyone it means you stop learning. As soon as you stop respecting people you stop learning in yourself. I’ll never allow myself to get to that stage,” he concluded.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95