David Benavidez predicts round for Ronald Gavril KO, wants World Boxing Super Series winner

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📷 Stephanie Trapp

David Benavidez is growing into his new-found position as a world champion despite holding the tag of the youngest in the world right now.

The undefeated 21 year-old heads into his rematch with Ronald Gavril this weekend searching for a more definitive victory and admits being miffed by the ruling of a second contest by the WBC.

“This is the first time I’ve really had a chip on my shoulder. All the hard work it took for me to get this belt, and people say it was just given to me? No way, I’m going to go in there and show why I’m the youngest champion in the super middleweight division,” said Benavidez.

“I don’t think Gavril can do any better than he did in the last fight. He’s a one trick pony and he doesn’t have many tricks left, he’s getting old. We’ve been working on a lot of different styles for this fight and I feel more than ready.

“I’m very motivated. I stayed very dedicated to this training camp. I’m ready to go in there and play no games. I’m going to do what I say and I’m going to knock Gavril out.

“I feel I could have done better in the first fight. Having everybody tell me Gavril should have won and him talking a lot of smack, it’s the motivation and drive that I needed to train the way I did in this camp.

“The sickness during the first fight took a lot out of me but my mentality is that I’m a warrior and I’m always going to push through it no matter what. This time, we didn’t have any injuries or sickness so I can’t wait to put on a show on Saturday.

“I want to become the best in the division. I want to earn every victory and fight the best. I would love to fight the World Boxing Super Series winner. I’ll be ready for anybody. I worked so hard to get this, nobody can take it from me.”

Asked when he intends to end the fight, Benavidez added: “I’m thinking it will be a knockout around Round 5.

“It’s going to be a combination of the body and chin. It’s not really looking for the knockout, it’s just setting it up. I’m not going in just throwing haymakers, but I’ll set it up and if it comes, it will come in spectacular fashion.”

Giving his input on the fight, Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerbe said: “The Benavidez vs. Gavril rematch is a fantastic fight.

“It’s a fight people have been looking for since the first time they faced off. I think it’s going to live up to what everyone has expected.

“I know Ronald has made some adjustments, and I’m sure Benavidez has made some too. I think it’s going to be an all-out war.”