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Home » World champ Danny Roman outlines ambitions ahead of Japan title defense

World champ Danny Roman outlines ambitions ahead of Japan title defense

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Just a few days before boarding the plane that will take him back to Japan, where he conquered the championship after dethroning the Japanese Shun Kubo last September, Roman (23-2-1, 9 KO’s) confessed that he is aware of Matsumoto’s (21-1, 19 KO’s) dangers. He has made one of the best training camps of his career.

“I have always trained to the fullest and after obtaining the championship, that part has not changed. My concentration and focus keep being solid because I think I still have much to prove. My goal is to become the best super bantamweight of the world. I know my name has been mentioned, but I don’t want to leave room for doubt. Today this is my objective, to be the best”, said Roman from his camp in the United States.

Against Kubo, Roman said, the key was to impose his boxing form the star and don’t let the fight come to cards, something he is planning to do over again. “Kubo I could box and control in spite of our equal size. The plan is to do the same, hit Matsumoto and don’t let the fight be decided by the judges”, highlighted the 27 years old Californian.

It’s been said Danny, that you are aware of the dangers the Japanese pose, he has 19 KO’s in 21 victories and just one defeat. But also said that your concentration is much better now than when you were an aspiring title holder. “I fell much more focused because I know Matsumoto yearns for my championship, I know of the hunger he has because I had that same hunger a few months ago. I feel confident because I know I am prepared for the best.” he concluded.

The February 28 marquee will be co-promoted by Thompson Boxing and Ohashi Promotions. The winner of the fight should face the Mexican Moisés Flores, the interim champion of the World Boxing Association, as part of the title reduction policy implemented by the president, Gilberto Jesús Mendoza.