EXCLUSIVE: Shane McGuigan rips into Chris Eubank Jr. for fight week behaviour

Joe Hewlett 15/02/2018


Ahead of Saturday’s semi-final in the World Boxing Super Series, Chris Eubank Jr continued to swipe digs towards George Groves and Shane McGuigan.

In reference to McGuigan, Jr boasted: ‘The only thing Shane McGuigan needs to worry about on Saturday is having that white towel ready.’

The biggest shock during the final press conference, which took place in Manchester, was the absence of a familiar face.

“I was expecting to see Senior there, but we didn’t see him,” Shane McGuigan exclusively told World Boxing News. “Eubank Jr was out there on his own with all guns blazing, still trying to sell something that’s already sold.

“The venue is sold out, it’s going to have a great attendance and will have a lot of people watching it on PPV. He still feels the need to try and get under George’s skin.

“The fact that you could have done that many, many months ago with previous press conferences didn’t hinder him, why try and do that three days before the fight?”

Groves remained cool and composed, often refusing to exchange verbal’s with his bitter foe. And Shane, the son of household fighter Barry, is convinced the ‘Next Gen’ will be eating his words come fight night.

“It’s a strange one from Jr, I feel like it’s the first time he’s come up to the big stage. He hasn’t got his Dad and wants to talk himself up but he is just putting pressure on himself.”

Giving a brutal assessment of Jr’s conduct, the trainer added: “There’s definitely a few nerves, but he really believes this is his time and he still wants to prove he’s ‘the best fighter’. “It’s like no mate. Let your boxing do the talking, go out there and try to win the fight – which he isn’t going to win, but give it a try.

“Don’t go chatting, screaming and shouting about it because when you fall flat on your face you’re going to look like an absolute muppet.”

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95