EXCLUSIVE: Ronnie Davies talks Chris Eubank presser no-show, defends Twitter comments and says Groves ‘looked a little nervous’

Joe Hewlett 15/02/2018

Sky Sports

The big surprise during the final press conference between George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr was the shock absence of Chris Eubank Sr.

English didn’t appear until the conference had ended, leaving many questioning why he had decided to stay out of the limelight.

His right-hand man and trainer of Jr, Ronnie Davies also appeared stumped when asked about his no-show.

“He didn’t want to come up to the table, I don’t know why as I haven’t spoken to him yet. I think he wanted Jr to be his own man, have his say and make sure the limelight wasn’t taken off from him,” Davies exclusively told World Boxing News.

Eubank has come for criticism during recent comments made on social media in reference to boxing tragedies.

However, Davies defended his former fighter.

“I don’t see nothing wrong with what he said. Eubank has always said what he thinks. He doesn’t cut no corners, I don’t see anything wrong with that. What’s wrong with that?

“The referees should protect the fighter more, that’s their job.”

Davies, who has experienced two Eubank generations, believes George Groves appeared to look uncomfortable and agitated in Manchester this week.

Talking about the world champion, he explained: “He was biting a bit – he looked a little nervous to me. It’s a big fight, he knows he’s in with a young lion in Eubank. He (Eubank) was straight back in the gym after last night’s workout, he doesn’t lose fitness and is in terrific shape as always.”

Davies is predicting a comprehensive victory for the ‘Next Gen’.

“He needs to beat him up and that’s what he’ll do. There’s no game plan with us, he’ll do it round by round and choose how to deal with George depending on the situation. He’s too fresh, he has a phenomenal work rate, terrific fitness and will be too much for George. He’s been in a lot of tough fights and the hard fights will take its toll. He’ll beat himself inside the distance,” he stated.

When quizzed about his contribution in preparing Jr, he responded: “I’m his trainer. I put the Vaseline in, I bring the sparring partners in, I just don’t boss him around because the kids multitalented.

“The more you tell him what to do, the more manufactured he’ll become. Like Muhammed Ali and Angelo Dundee, how can you show someone like him to box? He’s got so many moves, leave him as he is. I have 61 years of experience and if he doesn’t take notice then he’d be silly, but he takes notice of what I tell him.”

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