George Groves v Chris Eubank Jr: What’s the best value bet?

Eubank has looked masterful since losing his solitary reverse to Billy Joe Saunders in 2014, unmoved in any of his contests so far. On the flip side, Groves has been stopped twice, been hurt and down on more than one occasion, and despite being labelled ‘a small super-middleweight’, IBO champion Eubank Jr. is now almost fully filled out at the 168 pound limit.

During the build-up, both fighters have had their say, with Groves not falling for those stating it could be Eubank’s time to take over the division.

“He thinks he’s going to win because its destiny or it’s his time but none of that crap exists, it’s who is better on the night. It’s not his time.

“He has got to a position where he wants all the things he’s wanted for so long, he probably thinks he’s going to achieve them.

“But you’ve got to win some fights first, you know what I mean. There’s no point dreaming about stuff which hasn’t happened. He’s getting a little bit ahead of himself.

“It won’t be an easy fight, but the way he has been elevated means it will be a huge fall from grace for him.”

For his part, Eubank Jr. fired back with a promise that Groves will fall before the final bell.

“He won’t go 12 rounds. Somebody is getting knocked out, and this chin doesn’t have an off button. His does.

“I don’t have any hate for the guy. He’s just the guy with a belt that I need to beat to win the tournament.

“Like I said, I keep my emotions out of boxing. It’s not personal. It’s just punishment.”

The pair square off in Manchester for a place in the inaugural World Boxing Super Series finale this summer, and looking at the sportsbook reviews at, a Groves win could be where the value lies for punters.

Alternatively, and if you eye things up from another perspective, Groves has been involved in a mass of wars throughout his career and could potentially be ripe for the pickings

So, the big value could be in a Eubank stoppage with Groves’ corner throwing in the towel to end the fight at 18/1, whilst fans of ‘The Saint’ may be best advised to go for a split decision win for their man at 20/1.

Another one to look at could be Groves to win on points and Eubank to have a point deducted at 66/1, but the smart money looks to be heading on the Brighton man at 10/3 to halt the bout in the second half.