Dave Coldwell explains why Amir Khan v Kell Brook still appeals

Joe Hewlett 12/02/2018
Kell Brook Amir Khan

Esther Lin

The possibility of Amir Khan and Kell Brook settling their differences once and for all has moved nearer since Khan’s arrival to Matchroom.

Former two-time world champion Khan is gearing up for his first fight in almost two years, when he takes on Phil Lo Greco in Liverpool.

Brook, meanwhile, is preparing to make his debut at the 154lb division, taking on Sergey Rabchenko in Sheffield on March 3.

And if both progress as expected, Dave Coldwell is optimistic the pair will finally get it on later this year.

Speaking to betsafe.com, he said: “If you’d asked me two months ago about Brook vs Khan, I would’ve said let me know when it’s on because I’m bored of talking about it. Then Amir Khan signs and all of a sudden this fight is going to happen.

“Realistically there’s no excuse for this fight not to happen. Unless one of them gets beat, as long as Kell beats Rabchenko and Khan beats whoever (Lo Greco) he’s going to fight next, that fights going to happen.

“It’s a massive fight, I know people are bored of it but it’s exciting again now that it’s happening. When this fight gets made, the people that are saying on social media that they don’t care, I guarantee 99% of them will watch it.”

Despite there potentially being no world titles involved, Coldwell believes the fight will generate a lot of publicity as both are household names in the sport domestically.

“It’s a massive fight. You can have a big fight against an American that the boxing fans will know, but your general public won’t know. You can have a fight that maybe on the world scene isn’t such a big deal but everyone in your own country knows about it. They’re the massive fights.

“From a coaches point of view, I can see the difference of when we’ve been involved in a world title fight and being involved in a big domestic fight. When Bellew boxed Cleverly it was no world title but everyone was talking about it and stopping me in the street about it.

“When Bellew fought David Haye, everywhere I was going I was getting stopped. If you’ve got massive personalities like Kell Brook and Amir Khan who genuinely don’t like each other – that’s the appeal of it.”

The Brits have argued their cases as Britain’s number one welterweight for years. However, it has left boxing critics split.

Coldwell is also unsure of the outcome but is swaying towards ‘Special K’ Brook.

The trainer and boxing analyst added: “I genuinely don’t know who would win between Khan and Brook. That’s the fight I keep flip-flopping on.

“I think Kell’s got the potential to box anybody. 12 rounds is a long time for Khan to stay out the way of Kell. Kell at 147 was struggling to make the weight, gets to 6 rounds and he’s gassing, starts feeling the pace a bit.

“At 154 I don’t believe he will have that issue, he’ll be sharper for longer and have much more energy. Can Khan hit hard enough to hurt Kell Brook, I don’t think so. If I could put money on it now I think I’d put a quid on Kell Brook to win it.”

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