EXCLUSIVE: ‘I don’t even have to train to beat McGregor’, Malignaggi hits UFC star where it hurts

Joe Hewlett 10/02/2018
Malignaggi McGregor

📸 Ed Diller / Esther Lin

It’s been nearly a year since former-two weight world champion Paulie Malignaggi decided to hang up his gloves following a glittering career.

In between his punditry and ambassador role for Ultimate Boxxer, the ‘Magic Man’ helped Conor McGregor prepare in camp for his match-up against Floyd Mayweather last August.

However, the 37-year-old washed his hands with the Irishman half-way through when the UFC star went against their agreement and posted photos and footage of the pair sparring.

Quizzed on whether he misses the ring, the respected boxing analyst exclusively told World Boxing News: “Sometimes, but I don’t miss it that much, it’s too much hard work – I don’t miss it enough to come back and train.”

With past rumors of the pair potentially meeting in the boxing ring, Malignaggi was asked whether he’d consider the chance to settle his ongoing feud with McGregor. The boxing analysist remained coy, though admitted he’s feeling settled in current projects he is undertaking.

“I don’t know, maybe. But I wouldn’t even have to train for that,” he explained.

“I’d have to train to make weight for that, but I wouldn’t have to train to win a fight like that. I guess you never say never but I’m having a good time doing what I’m doing, and I hope to keep on enjoying it.”

Despite being open to settling his grudge with McGregor, Malignaggi believes the only fight that would tempt the ‘Notorious’ back into a boxing ring, or the octagon – for that matter, is a rematch with Floyd Mayweather.

Taking a swipe at his sparring nemesis, Malignaggi concluded: “I mean Mayweather is probably the only one who could get him back in a boxing ring. Like I said, Floyd barely trained that much himself for that.

“It’s easy money, free money so it’s hard to turn down free money because when you don’t have to work hard for it then it’s free money,” he added.

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