Jordan Gill delighted with TV exposure on NXTGEN show

Ringside 09/02/2018

The TV exposure Jordan Gill has desperately craved finally arrives on February 25th, as he tackles Jason Cunningham, live on Sky Sports as the latest instalment of Matchroom’s NXTGEN concept hits Manchester.

Gill, a touted prospect with glowing references from a number of the sport’s leading opinions, has waited anxiously for an opportunity such as this, and with the domestic featherweight scene simmering beautifully, the Sheffield based prospect is ready to assault the division with menacing intent.

“This is everything I’ve ever wanted,” buzzed an ecstatic Gill. “I’m known to most within boxing circles such as gyms and other fighters, but this is the breakout opportunity that I’ve waited a long time for, and I’m absolutely delighted to be given this chance. For a long time, I’ve always felt like I was the bridesmaid of British boxing, and never the bride, but now this has come along, and I’ll guarantee you that I take it with both hands. I don’t just want to win, I want to look good winning, and I’m putting so much into this camp because this is like everything I’ve dreamed about.”

In Cunningham, Gill faces a significant step up in class. The Doncaster southpaw has collected Commonwealth honours in two weight divisions, and he has flirted with title class for long periods. Gill, who has belt aspirations of the highest standard, believes this is the type of opponent needed at this stage of his career as he looks to make an impact and register himself on the consciousness of boxing audiences.

“He’s got my full respect, like every opponent I’ve faced, and that will always be the case because of how serious I’m taking the sport. Look at who he’s been in with and you can see what type of fighter you’re dealing with. He’s a very capable southpaw who will try and make things awkward, but myself and Dave Coldwell are working on plans that will get me the victory on the night. I’ve come a long way to finally get this chance. I’ve beat up champions in their own gyms, guys who have had so much more opportunities than me, but this is my time now.”

With his immediate focus positioned on the threat offered by Cunningham, Gill only briefly discusses his future targets as he maintains a sense of professionalism at all times during our chat. The imminent British title match between Ryan Walsh and Isaac Lowe remains of interest as Gill’s battle with Cunningham is an official eliminator for the crown, but it’s Watford’s Reece Bellotti, that stirs the most emotion in the Cambridgeshire fighter, as a showdown between the talented pair looms.

“Bellotti is the fight I definitely want this year. That is something that can be built really well, and it’s something that would certainly deliver in the ring. He’s a very heavy-handed fighter, you’ve seen that in several fights where his power has made a difference. It even rescued him when he went in with Cunningham last year, but you need more than that to beat me because I’m something altogether different. The stuff I’m learning in the gym is making me so much more confident in my ability, and now it looks like I’m going to be given the right platform to show everyone exactly what I’m about.”

On his charge’s upcoming clash, trainer and manger, Coldwell added, “This is all Jordan has ever wanted. Ever since he joined up with me, he’s pleaded for an opportunity like this and now he has got it. I’m not just saying this because I train him or because I think the world of him, but you’re going to be watching a very talented fighter when you tune into see him later this month. His displays in the gym are outstanding, and as long as he takes that into the ring with him, you’re going to be looking at a future champion.”