Chris Eubank defensive, responds to Tyson Fury accusation on Nick Blackwell / George Groves threat

Chris Eubank Sr. didn’t take long to respond to being labelled ‘a disgrace’ by Tyson Fury for what the ex-world heavyweight champion believes was use of Nick Blackwell’s tragic condition to threaten son Chris Jr’s forthcoming opponent George Groves.

Fury blew a gasket when Eubank tagged him in a post late on Wednesday, accusing the retired ex-ruler of distasteful tactics in the build-up to the World Boxing Super Series semi-final.

Eubank had said: “George Groves, take a look at this video and you’ll understand why I am protective of you.

“I’ve never seen Tyson Fury so emotional and who needed a hug after he witnessed what real fighting looks like.

“We warned him and I’m now looking out for you as my care is real. Not disgust, just noble.”

Clearly in disgust, Fury replied back with: “Chris Eubank, you are a disgrace trying to use the Blackwell’s situation as a threat to George Groves.

“To even tag my name in it is something sick. You silly old man, get a life!

“Billy Joe Saunders will annihilate your son again, whenever he is ready for another loss,” finishing with a middle finger emoji for good measure.

Soon after, Eubank made two separate points in reference to Fury’s irate response.

“Two things, when there’s a middleweight World Boxing Super Series Billy Joe Saunders can enter that in a fair fight for more money and titles.

“Where you’re concerned, God bless you my friend and I wish you all the best.

“Don’t forget it was I who told Chris Jr. to leave Nick’s head alone and tried to stop the fight.”

More involved in the sport have since followed Fury in condemning Eubank’s tweet, which hasn’t been received well as Junior embarks on his media drive to promote the Groves fight.