Tyson Fury blasts ‘disgrace’ Chris Eubank Sr. for posting ‘sick’ Blackwell / Groves threat

Ex-unified heavyweight king Tyson Fury replied fiercely to a video tweet sent his way on Wednesday by former two-weight world champion Chris Eubank Sr.

The 27 year-old responded to a post by Eubank which Fury says attempted to strike fear into son Chris Jr’s forthcoming opponent George Groves through tragic fighter Nick Blackwell.

Fury accused Eubank of using a heartbreaking and life-threatening loss to Junior in March 2016 as a weapon after which ‘2 Fast’ was emotionally interviewed in the wake of the ex-British champion being taken to hospital in a serious condition.

The raw clip was snipped and posted on Eubank’s social media with the following message directed at Groves:

“George Groves, take a look at this video and you’ll understand why I am protective of you.

“I’ve never seen Tyson Fury so emotional and who needed a hug after he witnessed what real fighting looks like.

“We warned him and I’m now looking out for you as my care is real. Not disgust, just noble,” said Eubank.

Clearly in disgust, Fury replied back with: “Chris Eubank, you are a disgrace trying to use the Blackwell’s situation as a threat to George Groves.

“To even tag my name in it is something sick. You silly old man, get a life!

“Billy Joe Saunders will annihilate your son again, whenever he is ready for another loss,” finishing with a middle finger emoji for good measure.

Obviously incensed at what Eubank had written, Fury is well aware that Nick Blackwell still continues with his long recovery and may never be the same after suffering a relapse of his injuries in a shock sparring session.

Emotions are running high between both camps and could lead to an interesting interaction between Fury and Eubank should the lineal top divsion ruler show up in Manchester as expected on February 17.