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Home » Exclusive: Robbie Davies Jr. explains why clash with Ohara Davies is unlikely to happen

Exclusive: Robbie Davies Jr. explains why clash with Ohara Davies is unlikely to happen

In an exclusive interview with WBN, Davies Jr. said that nothing has happened behind the scenes and only what has played out on social media.

“With Ohara, absolutely nothing has gone on with us. He said that to do with Hillsborough whether he meant it or he didn’t, I don’t know,” Davies Jr. told WBN.

“It’s just something as a fighter and a sports athlete, you just stay away from that subject anyway. Whether you know about it or you don’t, just a bit of stupidity on his behalf but by doing it he’s shot himself in the foot and he’s lost his team, his sponsors – he’s lost all kinds.

“He’s probably got to rebuild a bit but by signing with Frank Warren I can’t see them being as enthusiastic as Eddie and his team were to fight me.”

By signing with Frank Warren, Ohara may have a lot of trouble getting back to where he was, explained Davies Jr.

“Frank’s got a lot of fighters at his own weight so he’d rather keep it all in house I think. Fight his own fighters against each other and the best will come out on top.

“Once he fights one of the top lads in that stable he’ll probably lose there.”

Leaving Eddie Hearn and Matchroom has ruined the chances a meeting between the pair, according to the Liverpool man.

“When he was with Eddie, he was the only one (at super lightweight) so they were trying to get him opponents that would sell.

“Because of me and him having a bit of beef over the years, he thought that would be a great fight to make.

“Now that he’s left Eddie, I can’t see too much about from it, unless he starts calling my name out and starts getting desperate and if he does that’s only because he wants to stay away from the fights that are already in his stable.

“I can’t see them offering the money we wanted to be honest, with Eddie and Matchroom they were selling it for a long time but there was basically only me and Ohara.

“With Frank now, for the money he’d have to offer me he’s got his own fighters in the same stable, he can make the fights for half the price.

“It loses the credibility of me fighting him so I can’t really see it evolving as much as we wanted it to because I don’t like him.”

Even through the past bad blood, Davies has revealed the Londoner is far from his mind as he prepares for a rematch with Michal Syrowatka on March 31.

“I honestly don’t give him a second thought. Until you mentioned him; I haven’t thought of him at all,” concluded Davies.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller