EXCLUSIVE: Malignaggi says Mayweather is ‘having fun teasing’ McGregor with MMA rematch

Joe Hewlett 07/02/2018

In recent weeks Floyd Mayweather has sent social media into meltdown after proposing a sensational switch to the UFC.

‘Money’ Mayweather teased fans in one of his videos as he walked into an octogen before asking Paddy Power what the odds were on him turning to the combat sport.

However, Paulie Malignaggi has laughed off suggestions of the American could be seriously considering the move.

“No,” he laughed. “I just think he’s having fun teasing people because they’re so upset with how he smacked Conor McGregor around the way he did,” ‘The Magic Man’ exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I’d be mad if he smacked me around like that, you know. He got smacked around pretty badly and I think the fans want to see him get in the cage, so they can get to see a little bit of revenge.

“But they’re not going to get him in the cage, he’s teasing them so that he can get their hopes up. I think at the end of the day; the boy knows how to keep himself in the spotlight.”

On the pair continuing to keep fans on the edge of their seats regarding a possible rematch, Malignaggi added: “Conor is still posting pictures of him getting beat so at least Floyd is doing something new.

“Conor posts pictures of a sparring session he got beat up in, he posts pictures of a fight he got beat up in, he doesn’t have many highlights of fights he has won himself so he has to put up photos in which he has lost in,” pointed out Malignaggi.

The Italian-American has recently teamed up with ex-opponent Ricky Hatton and former world champion Anthony Crolla for a new eight-man one-night tournament format called ‘Ultimate Boxxer’ which is set to begin in the United Kingdom on April 28.

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