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Home » Exclusive: Robbie Davies Jr. outlines camp changes, primed to avenge Michal Syrowatka loss

Exclusive: Robbie Davies Jr. outlines camp changes, primed to avenge Michal Syrowatka loss

Since the 15th July, Robbie Davies Jr. has been out of the ring after suffering a devastating loss to the Pole, but now believes he is in better shape than ever before and is ready to put on a stellar performance in his hometown of Liverpool.

Since the first defeat, Davies Jr. had picked up illnesses and niggling problems which has left the return stretched until March.

Now, Davies has lifted the lid on how he coped with the extended spell outside of the ring:


“I didn’t really have time as when I got out of the ring, we went to the hospital and ended up picking up on even more illnesses and problems that I had before the fight. One thing I didn’t want was the opportunity to pass me by,” Davies Jr. exclusively told World Boxing News.

“In boxing, if it’s not you getting the opportunity then its someone else and I feel like I’m someone that’s had a lot of doors shut in my face over the years, so I didn’t want to let this opportunity go by.

“I basically did everything to make sure I still boxed. When we had the fight, obviously it went the way it did and it didn’t turn out the way we wanted it to. We pushed when we probably should have pulled out when we look back at it now but just take it as a learning curve.”

Davies Jr. is motivated to right his wrong and has taken new steps and additions to camp to make sure he is at his best.

“Since we’ve been back in the gym, I’ve had new strength and conditioning, I’ve had training with Martin Cullen and help on all the strength throughout my collar, I’ve got new dieticians in – John Clarke and things like that with my team in, they’ve all been behind me 100%,” he explained.


In a fight that not only gains revenge but winning back his belt and a world ranking, Davies feels more prepared this time around.

“We’ve swapped and changed a few things that will benefit myself. Even now – I’m eight weeks out, it sounds crazy to say that I’m probably in better shape now than what I finished in my last camp, just because I’m more prepared mentally and physically,” he concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller