Pictured: Showtime’s Stephen Espinoza meets with Floyd Mayweather to discuss MMA bout

WBN 04/02/2018

Late on Saturday, Showtime Exec Stephen Espinoza was snapped alongside Floyd Mayweather in Minnesota, teasing all with the hashtag #MayweatherMMA.

Espinoza had revealed the meeting was on the cards earlier in the week as both men were in town to take in this Sunday’s Super Bowl LII between the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mayweather looks set to explore the numbers involved in a transition to the octagon in the coming months and would stand to make at least another $100m check should he give the idea the green light.

Posting two videos of himself apparently training under MMA conditions, Mayweather continues to persuade all that the move could actually happen.

A deal is already on the table from UFC boss Dana White, whilst there’s no shortage of opponents lining up to be Mayweather’s first test in the eight-sided battle arena.

Conor McGregor would be the frontrunner in a revenge mission inside a cage this time following the Irishman’s willingness to make the move to boxing for their meeting last August.

‘Money’ took out ‘The Notorious’ late on in the fight and talks have since shifted to whether Mayweather would have the cojones to face McGregor with elbows, knees and submissions all legal.

Watch this space!