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EXCLUSIVE: Christian Thun, ‘He’s Klitschko and Joshua mixed together!’

Mehdi Ameur, manager of French heavyweight world title challenger Johann Duhaupas, believes to have signed a future superstar in German Christian Thun.

At 25 years-old, Thun is ready to make his pro debut. The moves comes on the back of having gained vast experience as part of training camps with Wladimir Klitschko and Anthony Joshua.

With good amateur pedigree behind him, Ameur is confident he’s unearthed a gem. The J-Suge boss has pencilled the powerful Thun in for a fight on March 2 in Monaco.

“Christian is 6ft 9ins and has been boxing For 10 Years, His amateur record is 49 fights and just six losses during which he was a National Boxcup Champion,” explained Ameur exclusively to World Boxing News.

“Thun was a sparring partner for Klitschko, Joshua, Gerald Washington, Manuel Charr, Johann Duhaupas and many more. So when I saw Christian during the sparring I said to myself, ‘he is the new Klitschko!’ – this fighter has everything going for him.

“He is tall and works very hard. But with that, he is also a nice guy. He is intelligent and he speaks English, German, Italian, a little Spanish and a little French. Plus has a certificate for International Business Management.


“Christian is a very positive person, outgoing and happy. He was born in Germany on 24.2.1992 from a German father and Italian mother. He is currently working as a sales manager with already four years of experience in a family company.

“I am more than happy to promote him. I’m pleased to say he is a new member in the federation of Monaco boxing. It makes me more than happy because I believe I have signed the new Klitschko and Joshua mixed together.

“I’ve given him a career plan for three years. So now we are working hard to finalize the plan.”

In addition to Ameur’s glowing report, Thun himself added: “My aim is to become heavyweight champion of the word. To establish myself as a great sportsman in the years to comes.

“After boxing, my plan is to start a political career in Italy,” Thun exclusively revealed to World Boxing News.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay