Exclusive: Davies Jr. will never forgive namesake Ohara, explains why Frank Warren move will fail

Beginning with an insult to a family member, Robbie exclusively explained to World Boxing News why he can never forgive Ohara for his actions.

“My dad (a former fighter) was in hospital and he was sending me tweets saying that he was a bum and that it was a terrible legacy to follow,” Davies told WBN.

“It started from there because whether he knew my dad was ill or not it was just lower than low. It was a kick in the teeth for the likes of my myself as my dad was my hero and to then have someone like that with a chip on their shoulder say something about him, it really put me in a bad mood for a few weeks.”

Davies Jr. has watched on from afar as Ohara publicly apologized for a lot of his mistakes, but the Liverpudlian says it is too late for an apology on his part.

“That’s the way it escalated and out of all the things he’s done – he’s come out and apologized but he never apologized to me, so I’d never even accept an apology now anyway, it’s gone too long”.

With Ohara now trying to rebuild his career, Davies Jr. said his removal from Matchroom and subsequent signing with Frank Warren could work against him due to a mass of talented fighters at his weight.

“It’s one of those things that has just brewed and brewed, but since that (tweet business) with Eddie, he’s kept his mouth shut and I think he’s trying to work his way back up.

“I haven’t really had any thoughts on it, I only got a message a day or two ago saying ‘have you seen Ohara has gone with Frank Warren and no with Eddie, that’s probably the only way he can go now. It’s where will he go after that?”

Believing Ohara was in a better position with Hearn, Davies Jr. added: “With Eddie, he was the only light-welter really under Matchroom, Warren’s got a lot of fighters at that weight and I feel it’s a strong weight, I don’t think he’s the best out of them either.

“I think he’s going to fall to the back of the pile now after he’s gone with Frank Warren. He’s just going to be used as cannon fodder for the better fighters,” predicted Davies Jr.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller