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Home » Tyson Fury backtracks on Shannon Briggs as comeback foe, exchanges words with Antonio Tarver

Tyson Fury backtracks on Shannon Briggs as comeback foe, exchanges words with Antonio Tarver

WBN spoke to Briggs on Thursday evening before the subsequent article was released on Friday, outlining the American’s desire to fight Fury despite accusing the 29 year-old of avoiding him.

Since then, Fury released a direct response to Briggs in video form and was then approached by another one-time pound for pound number one Antonio Tarver.

“Tyson, why you offering a man that’s semi-retired a fight?” questioned Tarver.

“You see me training? We’ve been out (of the ring) about the same time! 

“Pick a date, no tune-up needed. Let’s see if the big man pretends he didn’t see this tweet!

In typical Fury fashion, the reply didn’t take long.

“I see you champ! Fury said to Tarver. “I see all you old a** guys. You can be another victim if you like, you want a contract too?

“By the way, no disrespect to you (as you are) both inspirational to all men. I’ll sign u all up. God bless champ!”

A sceptical Tarver then came back further with: “Well I know your bluffing big guy, but glad to know you replied just to save face.

“But if your serious about really seeing where you’re at, let’s do it but don’t waste my time like the rest of these cowards.”

Was again, Fury retorted: “One thing I’m not is a coward, I’m gonna fight you and Briggs. (Two) great fights vs famous guys.”

Tarver had another comeback for Fury before answering a question from a none-the-wiser fan who asked who he was.

“Well you know I ain’t regular… and I doubt your handlers will ever put you in a cage with an old hungry lion like me!

“I’m just an old has-been that will still box circles around these top heavyweights and KO everything moving at cruiser,” said Tarver, who starred opposite Sylvester Stallone in ‘Rocky Balboa’.

A second video was then released by Fury stating neither man will be in the opposite corner upon his return.

Tarver certainly holds the credentials having defeated Roy Jones Jr. all those years ago to rule the boxing world, although securing the fight would be an entirely different story.