Tony Bellew goes in hard on drugs cheats: If they kill someone it’s pre-meditated murder!

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📸 Mark Robinson

Former WBC cruiserweight champion Tony Bellew has pulled no punches in his latest assault on drug users and cheats in boxing.

Bellew, a staunch advocate for clean sport, has now called for anyone who causes a fatality in the sport having tested positive for performance enhancing drugs to should be tried for murder.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC, Bellew said: “It disgusts me what’s going on in boxing.

“Once someone fails for performance-enhancing drugs and it is steroids, if it’s proven without a shadow of a doubt they have been injecting steroids, ban the first guy for life.

“Once that first guy is banned for life, you will get the reaction you need.

“I don’t ever want it to get to the stage where a man dies in the ring at the hands of a drugs cheat, believe me, boxing will come under the worst scrutiny. We’ve seen people call to stop boxing before.

“I know boxing is dangerous but it is 10 times more dangerous if one guy is on performance-enhancing drugs. The governing bodies out there, do your job, ban them for life.”

A Team FA tweet attributed to Bellew added more quotes from the Liverpool man.

“Is that man (whoever cheated and killed someone) going to jail for life? Because in my mind it’s murder, and it’s pre-meditated murder!”

The 33 year-old is currently in training for his rematch with David Haye, set to take place in London on May 5th.

A win for Bellew was due to set-up the potential for a world heavyweight title fight, but with all the titles now tied up, ‘The Bomber’ has announced his decision to move back down to 200 pounds after the fight.

The winner of the current World Boxing Super Series would then be his first target.