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Home » Exclusive: Tyrone Nurse breaks down Selby v Warrington, hopeful of landing undercard spot

Exclusive: Tyrone Nurse breaks down Selby v Warrington, hopeful of landing undercard spot

Warrington (26-0, 6 KO’s) fights for a world title for the first time against IBF featherweight title-holder Selby (26-1, 9 KO’s) this summer in a contest that has speculated about for a number of years.

Nurse, who has known Warrington since he was 12 years old, is hoping for a victory for his fellow West Yorkshireman but admitted that Selby is the rightful favourite.

“I’d love for Josh to pull it off because I’ve boxed with him since he was 12,” Nurse told World Boxing News. “But, it’s going to be a tough ask.

“Maybe style-wise, Josh is ideal to beat Lee and he (Warrington) is right in saying that Selby’s last couple of performances have been shaky. It’s a tough fight for Josh though and a really tough fight to call.

“But, Lee’s the favourite and rightly so. He’s the world champion and he’s got the better names on his record so that’s understandable. I think the odds for Josh are a bit wide though.

Much has been made of whether the venue of Elland Road, which is set to packed full of Warrington supporters, will impact positively or negatively upon either fighter.

But Nurse says that both are seasoned professionals and doesn’t think that the lively crowd will play a part in the result of the bout.

“I think Josh is used to pressure and the crowd by now,” added Nurse. “As he said himself, he’s lived this many times before. I don’t think that it’s going to bother him and I think he’ll thrive off it if anything.

“I don’t think it’ll effect Selby either. Like he said, ‘once you get in the ring, it’s me and you’. He’s been there and done that, especially when he’s gone out to America. I don’t think the fans will affect Lee in any way either.”

Nurse has been out of action since losing a unanimous decision and his Lonsdale belt to Jack Catterall in October.

The Huddersfield star said he’d love to return on the Selby vs Warrington undercard as he begins his return to domestic glory.

“I’ve not watched it (Catterall fight) back to be honest,” admitted Nurse. “I’ve spoken to people and they thought that Jack had done enough to win. It’s disappointing to lose the belt but that’s life and you move on.

“Without a doubt, it’d be great to box at a stadium. It’d be great to get on this card and have that experience.

“We’ll have a chat with Frank (Warren) today. I would imagine so.

“Obviously, with Leeds and Huddersfield being next door to each other, I can’t see any reason why I can’t be on it,” he concluded.

Jacob Kilbride is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @jacob_kilbride