Exclusive: Sara Beverley Jones speaks out against ‘narrow-minded’ opposition to Ring Card Girls

Joe Hewlett 01/02/2018

In recent days there has been mounting pressure on certain sports to axe walk-on-girls from featuring on their televised shows.

Thousands of people have signed the petition, led by a group claiming to be feminists. Sara Beverley Jones is a promotional model, currently working for the World Boxing Super Series, promoted by Team Sauerland.

The model spoke to World Boxing News to express her views after Formula One followed the PDC in deciding to shelf the glamour girls from their events.

Sara Beverley Jones, a current promotional model for the World Boxing Super Series, exclusively spoke to World Boxing News.

She said: “I’ve had a lot of tweets online from feminists who have been very derogatory towards me and many other promotional models, it’s very patronising. I have experienced the worst comments from them more than anyone else.

“To me, it’s a little bit crazy, obviously there’s a minority out there that are putting in their complaints and that what led to the PDC axing the walk-on-girls. It’s from a majority of women who call themselves ‘feminists’. I don’t like using that word because they’re not speaking for the majority, they’re a minority. They think it’s like a dictatorship, they have their own agenda and as much as they think they’re doing it for the better of everyone I don’t think they are.

“They’re being very narrow-minded. They talk about equality for women in sports but there are more issues within women sport rather than promotional models, we’re not hindering anyone’s career in any sense, shape or forms.

“Women boxers box for two-minutes and the male boxers do three-minute rounds –in tennis, they play two fewer sets – surely, there are different aspects they should be looking at rather than concentrating on the promotional models? It’s just ridiculous.”

Credit: World Boxing Super Series

The model revealed her “love for the sport,” and her passion and determination for boxing was evident.

She added: “I love that little shock factor when I put my knowledge across to someone and they go, ‘Oh you’re passionate about this aren’t you?’ Of course, I am, this is why I do it. I love that surprise on their face. Whether it’s the boxers, the drivers, the staff or security team, I’ve become friends with a lot of them and their families.

“If I’m getting paid to sit at a boxing event that I’m going to attend anyway, then I can’t complain,” she laughed. “It’s amazing! I didn’t miss one show in over four years with Matchroom, I missed christenings and birthdays just to attend and work at these shows, and that’s because I love it. It’s a huge part of my lifestyle.

“When you sit there week in week out and you’re seeing these boxers on their personal journeys from one fight to the other, you have to admire and respect their sheer dedication. You get to know their families, and I’ve been invited to weddings. I get invited to weddings, christenings and many events from who I have met. I’ve made so many bonds.

“A lot of these women commenting aren’t taking this into consideration. They wouldn’t know the ins and outs of the sports industry. The ban in darts seems ridiculous to me. I understand their point of view if they feel women are being objectified but it should be the same for men. You must listen to the audience and bringing a bit of glamour does no harm to the events. We’re there to endorse the sponsors, these brands spend thousands of pounds to get their product to be seen.

“It’s the same with sportsmen and women. Outside of sport in advertisement, you see the likes of Beckham in his underpants, are we not objectifying them as well then because that’s got nothing to do with sports? If they’re going to go that far about women being objectified, then why are sportsmen and women doing sexy photo shoots?

“It’s gone far too serious, this shouldn’t be an issue with all the brilliant events coming up,” she concluded.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95