Joseph Parker explains why he can’t use Tyson Fury as sparring partner for Anthony Joshua

Joseph Parker says he won’t be able to utilize Tyson Fury in camp for Anthony Joshua as the former world heavyweight champion doesn’t have the right style he’s looking for.

The New Zealander is preparing to battle Joshua in a unification on March 31 and was offered the chance to train alongside Fury, who is working on losing weight for a comeback.

“I’ve got a show on the night you’re boxing in England, but if you want I’ll come spar you when you’re in the UK training for the fight. It will help both me and you as you won’t find better sparing than me, I promise you. Let me know pal,” Fury had tweeted to Parker.

But in an interview with Radio Live, Parker outlined why he won’t be taking up Fury’s generous offer this time around.

“So I think Kev (Parker’s trainer Kevin Barry) and our team have done some research and we found guys that we think that doesn’t have everything Joshua has, but each of them have bits that we can see or help us prepare for what he brings,” said Parker.

“We want guys to come forward and we can just smash them, and for them to throw everything at us – the kitchen sink – and just try and knock us out. But with (Tyson) Fury, as the fighter he is, he’s a smart fighter who doesn’t stand there, who doesn’t absorb a lot of punches and likes to move.”

On the task his faces against Joshua, Parker added: “He’s dominated fighters that stand in front of him, that don’t move – all they do is protect themselves and I think a lot of fighters already go into the ring scared because of the power he possesses.

“I want to fight a fight that’s going to be a fast-paced fight… movement, speed and just different angles – I think that’s how we are going to attack Joshua,” he stated.