Jack Asis fights on in Brayd Smith’s memory

Ringside 29/01/2018

IT’S NOT FOR FAME NOR FORTUNE, it’s not about recognition,rankings, or future opportunities – it’s about more than that…much much more.

Jack Asis has won World titles, he’s conquered super8’s,he’s won regional titles, national titles in two countries but none of it means more than one prized possession that’s never far away from him – his Brayd Smith WUC title belt.

Jack was the first ever winner of this prestigious belt when he defeated Waylon Law in 2016. This belt represents everything Jack Asis fights for.

Jack fights every fight for his fallen mate Brayd Smith. He now proudly wears an orange headband to the ring for every fight as a tribute. Jack wants the memory of Brayd Smith to live on forever.

Jack shared a special relationship with Brayd. Jack is essentially an unofficial member of the Smith family.

Jack first arrived in Toowoomba in 2011 as a sparring partner for Michael Katsidis, at this time Braydon Smith was preparing for his professional debut.

The next time Jack returned to Toowoomba – it was as a sparring partner for Smith.

They worked closely in the ring, but they became even closer out of the ring. Jack became a mentor to Brayd and Jack became a part of the Smith family.

Jack shared all of Brayd’s triumphs in the ring and vice versa. They helped each other out at a time when they needed it most.

Smith was a young pro and Asis provided the veteran mentorship and Asis was transforming his career from ‘journeyman’ to World title challenger. The young Smith playing a huge role in igniting the fire within Asis.

Jack Asis realised a life long dream when he won the IBO Super featherweight World title in April 2015. Sadly his mate Brayd wasn’t there to see it, tragically losing his life less than a month earlier. Jack’s win was one of the most emotion charged you will ever see and you can’t help but think he had a guiding hand from above.

Now the title he cherishes so much is on the line on March 10 on the TGW & Smithy Brings the Big Fights 19 card at Rumours International. The card is the annual event in honour of Brayd.

Jack faces reigning Australian Champion Rivan Cesaire.

“This belt mean so much to me,” Asis said.

“This belt is about my mate Brayd who I miss everyday.

“Every fight I think of him.

“He was like a brother to me and I miss him.

“I fight for his memory and this belt means more to me than any other belt in World boxing.”

A Jack Asis vs Rivan Cesaire showdown is a mouth watering prospect in its own right – now add the prestige of the Brayd Smith title and it’s now more than just a title fight.

Rivan Cesaire will try and take away Jack Asis’ most prized possession.

Cesaire is the current Australian welterweight champion – a belt he’s held since 2014.

He’s suffered just the two losses in eight years – his opponents World Champion Jeff Horn and World rated Lenny Zapavigna.

“Rivan Cesaire is the winningest Australian Champion in this country,” TGW & Smithy Brings the Big Fights 19 Promoter Brendon Smith said.

“He’s one of the most respected and avoided fighters in the country.

“The fact his only two losses in the last eight years have been at the hands of Jeff Horn and Lenny Zappavigna says it all.

“However Jack Asis has a pretty good resume to his name as well.

“Jack also has also only been beaten twice in the last eight years.

“One was at the hands of former World Champion Malcolm Klassen in his home country and at the hands of World rated Can Xu in China.

“This is a super match up.”

Asis will walk to the ring with his now trademark orange headband and his all to familiar smile, but behind that exterior lies a man who desperately wants to keep his Brayd Smith WUC belt.

For Jack Asis this bout is about so much more than just a fight. It’s a chance to honour his mates legacy on a night dedicated to his memory.

It’s not about fame nor fortune, it’s not about recognition,rankings, or future opportunities – it’s about more than that…much much more.

More than any words can ever describe.