Hairon Socarras aims to be the next big star of Cuban Boxing

Alex Nunez 29/01/2018

Alex Nunez

Miami Florida, Hairon Socarras came to the United States from Cuba when he was only 7 years old. When he turned 18 he decided to make the leap to professionalism without having done just one amateur fight in the United States.

Socarras is one of the best that Cuban boxing can offer professional stardom, because according to experts in the field and those who have seen him, he has a lot of talent. Natural talent, youth, speed, power in both hands and has the Cuban style classic that can also transform into aggressiveness and power without leaving aside the fundamentals.

Frases De Boxeo had the pleasure of being able to share a few minutes with Socarras and his manager , Mr. Walter Álvarez, touching points like the principles of Socarras, his present and future plans in the boxing industry.

Our exclusive work with the Cuban boxer who is considered to be the figure of tomorrow in all of Cuba. The beginnings of Socarras and his union with Álvarez Walter Álvarez: “Socarras was 11 years old when he entered our gym, a small child, but when he started hitting the bag and the way he trained, we knew he had talent.

” We also learned that he had more than 300 amateur fights in Cuba. I met his family and I thought they were good people and we became friends, established a relationship and I thought of him as a Sugar Ray Leonard, but a small version”.

Hairon: “I met Walter a long time ago in the gym and I started a relationship with him since then, everything has been perfect in my opinion since I met Walter”. We took separate paths at one point but success was meant for both of us to be together”.

Walter Álvarez: “Hairon and I took time away from each other, he went on his way and I followed my path. I felt bad because I saw him here and there and felt he did not have the right company at his side. His father called me one day and asked me to please call Hairon because he wanted to talk to me, so I did it and the rest was history.

Hairon signed with me shortly after his wife’s approval, I am loyal and loyalty is one of the things I focused on. I did not want a headache, I wanted a loyal and talented individual, and I think he has all three qualities.

We quickly registered and went to Tutico Zabala of All Star Promotions because I am loyal and Tutico is loyal. I spoke with the doctor and he said we knew that he had worked with “El Maja” (Socarras ) before but under the wrong conditions, but I think I can make a star out of him.

Tutico told me to bring him because he feels that “El Maja” could be the main star of All Star Boxing Promotions”. Hairon: “I feel that now is a big difference comparing my old manager with my new manager. Everything was a struggle and everything was complicated and tedious with my previous promotion company, but with Walter everything was perfect from the beginning.

I feel that I will be with Walter for a long time and I am sure he will take me to the next level, I think I’ll be the next boxing star with a future full of expectations and desires to achieve a world championship”.

Walter Álvarez:” I think the correct way is for “El Maja” to fight 3 to 4 fights and I think it will happen this year. No matter where, in Orlando, Miami, Kissimmee, it does not matter, as long as there is good opposition, guys who can put pressure on him, but I think he will be victorious over them.

Whenever it is a more difficult challenge, we will train him in the best possible way. We will train him until he feels he is ready for the arrival of this year 2018 and starting in 2019 we think we will be ready to take him to a world title.

We will try to classify with merit, we do not want him to be classified if he doesn’t deserve it. We want to do everything right and maybe by the beginning of 2019 he will be ready. We want him to improve more and more at a gradual level.

He started at 122 and probably will never fight at that weight again because naturally he will gain weight. I think 126 is good for now and end up going to 130 in time, but 126 is our goal for now”. Hairon:” I just want to say that I am working hard and that I am going with everything we have and I will do a great job.

Now I am with the right people and everything will be aligned to be great”. Walter Álvarez: “I think what Hairon says is accurate and I gathered a group of businessmen who backed me to be able to back “El Maja”. I think we have all the tools to guide him in the right direction and we will do it”.