De La Hoya on Mayweather in MMA: He’d tap out in 10 seconds!

RINGSIDE 29/01/2018
Oscar De La Hoya

📸 Stacey Verbeek

Oscar De La Hoya made a dismal prediction for ex-opponent Floyd Mayweather Jr. should the former pound for pound king ever step foot in the octagon in the future.

Mayweather was linked to a potential run in the UFC with Dana White, something he later denied, following his victory over two-weight champion in the code, Conor McGregor.

The McGregor win, which happened under boxing rules and on Mayweather’s terms, has never fully been recognized by fight fans and De La Hoya says ‘Money’ would be humiliated if he attempted to cross-codes in a bid to prove he can cut it outside the squared circle.

Watch the video below by TMZ Sports