Ernesto Amador, Israel Vazquez present new show ‘You Can’t Play Boxing’

Rey Sanchez 26/01/2018

Former Mexican world champion Israel “Magnifico” Vazquez and one of the great voices of the sport in Latin America and the United States, Ernesto Amador, are working with great enthusiasm for the new presentation of the boxing show, “You Can’t Play Boxing.”

Amador and Vazquez will be the commentators on this compelling boxing show in which both will share with us the vast knowledge they have in the sport and the best interviews of world class boxers. They will also provide pre-fight and post-fight analysis of the big fights around the world.

Amador has had a prolific career as a sports commentator and you combine that with the unforgettable “Magnifico” Vazquez who together have enhanced boxing broadcasts for a long time.

Now they join forces once again to create an interesting boxing show in which both will comment on the best fights in all of the weight classes and in addition, they will bring us exclusive interviews with the most representative boxing stars, coaches, and promoters throughout the world and Latino boxing.

“We are going to create a fun boxing show, in which boxing fans will get the most recent news of their favorite fighters. “You Can’t Play Boxing” The Show, made for the boxing fans. We will have interesting participation from people who live, love and produce the great boxing events,” Ernesto Amador said from California, USA.

“Our approach is very broad. We have the experience to produce a high quality boxing show – something that boxing fans will appreciate. We are convinced that this show will soon become the home of thousands of fans around the world. We will be willing to continue with the work of disseminating this beautiful sport that we can’t play” added Israel” Magnifico “Vazquez.

Very soon, we will be enjoying the successful dissertations of the protagonists of “You Can’t Play Boxing” The Show. We cordially invite you to follow Amador on Twitter and Facebook also Vazquez on Twitter and Facebook.. You Can’t Play Boxing!!